A Single Mom, A coincidental Model (now in profession for more than a decade), A Passionate Trainer, An Explorer, A Fighter, A Dreamer…. In short someone who balances life on edge & is still full of gratitude, love & immense happiness! My philosophy for life is simple- You never fail until you give up; don’t seek aid, seek strength; don’t look for miracles, let your actions construct them for you; don’t pursue stories of other, unfold your own adventure! You never know what is next but trusting your instincts, planning for you life, a little hard-work & incredible support by your family will take you places and you will see how beautiful is life…. Balancing life hasn’t been easy for me, but with the support of my loved ones & driving force my life- My Son MARK; I have cherished every moment of a career.

I never thought I would be model and today as crazy as it may sound I am the best of the ramp trainers from the industry. So many wonderful memories ‘MARK-ed’ on my soul forever. This website is a tribute to the journey who made Alesia Raut- THE ALESIA RAUT. From a Coincidental model to a SuperModel, To Television Host & VJ, To Official Trainer Of Femina & Hopefully many many more to come. It is a small gesture to express gratitude to the almighty for all his wisdom & kindness. This is the story of my life! Checkout all you need to know & more Here




A Little Glimpse From My Little World. Explore What I Have Been Upto & What’s Next, Meet My Soul Mark, Share The Ramp, Discover Fashion & Let The Pictures Do Rest Of The Talking