Alesia Raut and Sucheta Sharma

Dedicated the rock in my Life – My BFF Sucheta

Who is that one person that you can count on no matter what? Oh for me, hands down it is and as always my best friend in the whole wide

world, my most favorite person, my rock, my constant, my beloved Sucheta! I’m truly blessed to have her in my life. It is so incredible to have someone in your life that understands you, knows your worst flaws, the most embarrassing of stories, the deepest dug secrets and just about everything and still loves you unconditionally. There’s no fear of being misunderstood, no fear of being abandoned, no fear of being judged, just pure love!

We have this undying trust and love for each other that absolutely nothing in the world can replace or take away and I think that’s what really matters in life. It’s not about what car you’re driving or how snazzy your outfit is, it is about those few real relationships we develop and keep for life. I could be having the worst day at work or just don’t feel good about something, whatever the problem, she’s always been a call away! For me, it’s always about quality over quantity. I don’t have very many friends but the ones I have, I keep very close to my heart. I would take a bullet for them and I know they’d do the same for me.

Take my word for it; no matter where you reach in life, you will need nothing more than your few cherished best friends. Here’s to my main girl, my army, love you Sucheta!

Love With Alesia

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