I’m going to groom and judge Mr. & Miss Delhi 2016. Audition Now!!

Hey all! I’m officially on board with the ‘Celebrity Face India’ to groom and judge the contestants of Mr. & Miss Delhi 2016, presented by CFC Chat.
The audition is going to be on the 24th January and the venue is still to be confirmed. All you pretty divas and handsome hunks in Delhi, get ready for an opportunity of a lifetime, this could be your chance to show the world the star you’ve always believed you were. I am really excited to meet every single one of you. Doing what I do best and what I was born to do, I will personally be grooming each contestant to appear as the most flattering version of them. We will be working on your posture, body, walk, expressions and all else that will help you in becoming the future top model. I will also be a part of the judging jury. Only the most deserving contestant will get to win the prestigious title Mr. & Miss Delhi 2016.

If you have absolutely any queries please feel free to give us a call on 09999072369 or follow ‘celebrityfaceindia on facebook, icelebrityface on twitter and celebrityface on instagram. For further updates, stay tuned. Super excited to see you all hotties killing it in the show. Get your groove on, strike a pose!

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